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Typically a blogger would use the "WHO" to tell about themselves...But me?  I'm not the star of The Pit Bull Show, I'm only a link in a chain that grows stronger every day.

The REAL stars, the who of the blog are the victims and their families.  The first Guest Blog that will be featured on The Pit Bull Show is from a young victim’s mom.  Her account of the events of that fateful evening and the long unforeseen road that was mapped out before them in the days and weeks, even months after the attack will open the door to the realities not aired on television.

Before we introduce you to the voice of a victim’s mother turned advocate however, let's take a look at just a few quick statistics.

Each year, almost 500,000,000 (did you count all those zeroes...that would be MILLION) people encounter a dog bite.  Over 800,000 of those that are bitten require some type of medical treatment.  But what those numbers fail to depict is the difference between a dog bite and a pit bull mauling.

To date, there is no scientific measurement of the force of a pit bulls jaws compared to that of any other breed or type of dog.  The courts of Miami-Dade County allowed evidence that stated 2000 psi of bite force, yet Dr. Brady Barr from National Geographic's "Dangerous Encounters" demonstrated in a 'specially designed' bite sleeve that the psi of bite force by a pit bull was far less than that. 

Regardless of the bite force, the fact is the pit bull breeds grip their prey, shake powerfully and erratically so as to kill the victim within its jaws.  So, even if the pit bull doesn't have a bite force any stronger than, say, a Labrador Retriever, it still does far more damage than it's canine cousins of other breeds. 

Imagine if you will...rolling your arm up in the automated window on your car.  The force between a Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Camaro would be about the same.  But now imagine that while your arm is rolled up in that window on the Mustang, the car flips, rolls and crashes all while your arm is protruding from the window, stuck by the force of the motor-powered glass.  Most likely, more damage has been incurred by the shaking and rolling than by just having your arm stuck in that glass window, right?

So, to truly comprehend the difference between pit bulls and, say...well, any other breed or type of dog, you must first get to know the physical characteristics of a pit bull.  Then, the genetic make-up of the pit bull would need to be understood beyond laymen’s terms to recognize how the physicality of the pit bull dogs is impacted, as well as the behavioral traits influenced by heredity. 

It's complicated.  That's why the pit apologists have managed to get away with keeping these killers among our communities.  It's why so many of us are 'fence-riders' or undecided.  We hear their mantra repeated every time a pit bull makes the news, "Blame the Deed, Not the Breed".  "Pit Bulls are just dogs."  "A dogs a dog's a dog."  "My pit bull would lick you to death, it's all how they're raised."

The pit apologists even have what appears to be the science to support their sound bites.  The 'professional animal organizations' say "Breed Specific Legislation is expensive, unenforceable, and fails to reduce dog bites" or that by enacting BSL a false-sense of security is unleashed upon the community and that dog bites can actually increase.

There are many layers to this entire issue.  But let's not get side-tracked!

This blog, 'The Pit Bull Show' is about victim reality.  It's about the aftermath of attacks.  It's about the part of the equation that is so typically quieted, hushed by the pro-pit party.

The Pit Bull Show will illustrate the double-talk of the pit apologists, their treatment of the victims of pit bull attacks and will on occasion, I'm sure get side-tracked with the many layers involved in the whole ugly truth.

Some times, you'll be shocked and your jaw will hit the floor!

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  1. Where do you get your stats from? 500,000,000 people a year? Absolutely not ! Why pitbulls ? Would it have been any different if a German shepherd or bloodhound but your sorry ass? All your doing is classifying ! It's dog racism ! Black people are stronger and taller does that make them more dangerous? Should I start a blog against black people? No I won't because I am not as spiteful and stupid as you . Good day .