Ladies and gentlemen please
Would you bring your attention to me?
For a feast for your eyes to see
An explosion of catastrophe - Lyrics Performed by Saliva

This blog has been a long time coming...a stop a long a journey that seems to have no true destination.

The Pit Bull Show...Because Reality is NOT Televised will be my baby.  It's my place to let my voice be heard without the repercussion of the Pit Bull Apologists, The Pro-Pit Party, the 'Nutters' slapping me down and yelling overtop of me!

It's a quiet place for the truth to be shared and reality to be what it is - REALITY.  Reality that is supported by fact, statistics, science and the story of victims. 

Like any good show, this blog will host a variety of entertainment, unlike most shows it will be based strictly on the real of reality. 

Welcome!  Your voice is safe here, your opinions and your truths are appreciated! 


  1. Don't you, as a rational human being, understand how ridiculous your cause is? A fight against pit bulls? A fight against a dog breed that when treated with love and respect can be among the most loyal and friendliest animals out there? Are you blind to the fact that the reason some pit bulls attack is because this is how they've been TRAINED. And they are trained to do this because of their physiological BUILD. And they are so easy to train because they are so ready to PLEASE people. All they want to do is show love and loyalty. Humans are the truly horrific creatures in taking advantage of these animals in this way. And I am PROUD to say I have a lab pit mix who is among the kindest dogs I have ever known. I'm personally offended by your stand against pit bulls, because you are one of the people who continues to keep pit bulls in shelters and from getting adopted by feeding these ridiculous stereotypes to ignorant people. So, I speak for all the pit bulls out there when I say cut your bullshit now before more pits are put down in shelters because no one will adopt them. Yes, you can claim responsibility for spreading ignorance and causing innocent deaths.

    1. Thank you so much dude this lady is ridiculous

  2. Mother fucker please, my pit/lab lab mix is a n over grown lap dog. I owned a beagle more fierce than this dog. You probably also belong to a bunch of ant gun groups don't you? Go off yourself you fucki.'nanny state loving panty waste.