Pit Nutter Explains It All

What's worse than an irresponsible dog owner?

A reckless Pit Bull owner!  Nevermind that someone like Ramel Burton probably wouldn't pass a vocabulary test, let alone be qualified to own such a beast!

Nevermind that Ramel Burton would keep a pit bull like his Rocko chained in the back yard out of sight from neighbors.  Nevermind that he would have the pit bull after it had already bitten at least two children while roaming freely.  Nevermind he would have his own relatives in the vicinity of the aggressive Pit Bull after chaining it.  Nevermind that Burton's pit bull attacked a third child so savagely that doctors are uncertain if the 7-year-old boy will be able to father children later in life. 

Let's focus on what's just as rabid and dangerous as Rocko the pit bull and his reckless owner Burton!

Let's take a look at a Pit Nutter spewing her nutter putter about as if she is some self-appointed dog expert, placing blame on the MOTHER of the latest victim of Rocco the pit bull.

Carrie Alexander Hall finds the time to 'advocate' for pit bulls and their owners even though she herself has four children and a pit bull in need of her attention.

And thank goodness for Carrie!  Without her we may all have been silly enough to believe the owner was responsible for having a pit bull with an attack history chained in his yard!  We might have thought that parents shouldn't trust their children to be children! 

We might not have known that pit bulls are just like any other dog and it's all in how you raise them...but parents are still always to blame when an attack happens!

Sure am glad a pit nutter like Carrie is around to keep us all straight on how the news stories mistake a German "Shepard" or a Rottweiler as a pit bull! 

She's a sharp one that Carrie Hall!

She quickly deduced that this was probably nothing more than a lawsuit scam the young victims MOTHER staged!  Good catch Carrie!

Of course, when anyone tried to reason with Pit Nutter Carrie's stunning observations and unmatchable wit Carrie was quick to fire back with an argument that stopped the best of them in their tracks!

"...nevermind what the owner is doing..."  It should be the parents in the neighborhood that hauls off a dog chained in a yard that has an aggressive history!


Well, of course, Carrie IS the mother of four kids AND has a sweet, lovable wiggle butt of her own.  Makes her an expert, right?

 Just look at the face of that sweet little family dog sitting there next to that darling little baby. 

Sure looks like this would qualify Carrie to tell the rest of us parents how to protect our kids doesn't it?

I think our expert mother and pit bull owner makes her credentials clear with this comment.

Nevermind that Carrie appears to have a reading comprehension problem, both reports that were being discussed in these threads both stated that the victim nor his parents knew the dog was on the property.  Both stated the dog had a history of attacking and injuring children prior to this attack.  Both articles stated the dog and the child were at the neighbors home.  Nevermind that Carrie might need a refresher in 4th grad spelling words! 

Let's just focus on the fact that Nutter Carrie jumps in to defend the dog, the dog owner, and BLAME the VICTIM and his family!

Happens EVERY time, ALL the time! 

The pro-pit camp wants us to "Blame the Deed, Not the Breed"!  But when something happens they blame the victim!  And they do it because they're pit bull owners, entitled to be recognized as experts on pit bull behavior and victimology.  Always someone else is to blame, never the reckless owner that chose to own a breed of dog KNOWN to be the most vicious of all other breeds combined!

Thanks Carrie!  So glad you and others like you are out here making the world a safer place!

For more fun facts and insightful pit bull education by Carrie click here.  And for more about Rocco and his reckless owner Ramel Burton, you can click here.


  1. welcome to the world of pit bull blogging where there is unfortunately never a shortage of material.

  2. I like this blog a lot...well done exposing the zealots for who they are, how they speak, and how the stomp their feet on the floor, while sticking out their bottom lip with demands of what they should be able to keep as a pet...no matter how much of a detriment it is to EVERYONE else around them...

  3. Thank you Dawn and Anne. I'm slow out of the gate, but as Dawn stated, never a shortage of material. It's nearly overwhelming at just how much material the pit bull community willingly provides!