My dear grandfather, a wonderful man,
Always believed in me, knew that I can.
Wisdom of life, openly shared,
Comforted me, when I was scared.

I know from lessons learned and time shared with my own grandfathers how special the bond is, the undeniable connection that a child experiences with the man that 'walks on water' and wears a hat as a halo. 

Our next victim's story is from a grandfathers perspective.  It goes without mention that a pit bull attack affects an entire family, often an entire community.  But this story is especially heart wrenching as you read through the brutal description of the injuries, and the innocence of a little girl that believes her grandfather can fix all the problems and make bad monsters disappear!

A Victim's Voice

The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.  ~Socrates

When I started this blog, it was with the intent of focusing primarily on giving victims a platform.  A place to share their stories so that when read, someone else might learn the effects a horrific attack has on the victim, the victim's family, and the victim's life.

Shortly before turning this blog on, I met a wonderful lady that agreed to share her own experience as a mother of an innocent victim.

A special thank you to Anne King and her family for allowing us to trespass into their private lives.  The emotion is raw, the passion is unstoppable. 

Well, I don't know if it's so much the attack on my child that will have people's jaw hitting the floor, perhaps what will though, is the reaction of zealots to my child's attack.  It doesn't surprise any in our camp though, because the aftermath is almost identical in every incident.

Pit Nutter Explains It All

What's worse than an irresponsible dog owner?

A reckless Pit Bull owner!  Nevermind that someone like Ramel Burton probably wouldn't pass a vocabulary test, let alone be qualified to own such a beast!

The Who

Typically a blogger would use the "WHO" to tell about themselves...But me?  I'm not the star of The Pit Bull Show, I'm only a link in a chain that grows stronger every day.

The REAL stars, the who of the blog are the victims and their families.  The first Guest Blog that will be featured on The Pit Bull Show is from a young victim’s mom.  Her account of the events of that fateful evening and the long unforeseen road that was mapped out before them in the days and weeks, even months after the attack will open the door to the realities not aired on television.


Ladies and gentlemen please
Would you bring your attention to me?
For a feast for your eyes to see
An explosion of catastrophe - Lyrics Performed by Saliva